March 21, 2018

Angel Prophecy

Angelic Order

The ‘Angel Record’ of the Angels and Archangels of the Earth hold the truth of our ancient stories of this ‘Angelic Order’. The ‘Angel Record’ of each angel shows the purpose of each date of incarnation to a corresponding legend of our past. Yes, even the Archangels have incarnated within the real of the Earth to help fight the darkness.

As the ‘Angel Record’ of these Angels and Archangels were written, events in our past appeared with dates of our mysterious legends. From the date of the Deluge to the Exodus and beyond, the Archangels have been molding this realm and providing comfort to those in need.

Yet, the past is not the only secret revealed. The future incarnations of the Angels and Archangels reveal dates of important events in our future. From a renewed Earth to a Mars station and Ascension, the ‘Angelic Order’ revelations correspond to the prophecy in ancient religious texts.

But, because this ‘Angelic Order’ is viewed through modern eyes, the language and knowledge barriers can be bridged. In ancient times a skyscraper or sky line of a city was viewed as ‘mountains’. Today, we know them as cities.

As the ‘Angel Record’ is revealed for the many Angels within this realm, new secrets are revealed. As these secrets are revealed to me, I will make them known, at times, by publishing them within the ‘Angelic Order’ website. Read, learn and return to see what you may learn within the ‘Angelic Order’.

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