Archangels Incarnate and their Angel Record

I have been given this Gift of the One through discovery and knowledge of the Heavens. Understanding the Logos of this Realm, I ask the questions.

One question asked was: Are the Archangels ever incarnate?

The answer was: Yes.

Yet, more than that, I was given the Angel Record for all seven of the Archangels who are within this realm.

The Archangels who are within this realm are: Mika’el, Gabri’el, Rapha’el, Uri’el, Razi’el, Sama’el and Metatron.

Of these seven, four are currently incarnate. Mika’el, Metatron, Rapha’el and Sama’el are now incarnate upon the Earth. Very shortly, Gabri’el, Uri’el and Razi’el will also be incarnate.

This is a Blessed time, as all Archangels of this Realm will be incarnate at once! This has happened infrequently throughout the history of the Earth. Soon, the wise will rejoice in the Light of the ONE and all things will be revealed.

Yes, I have mapped the Angel Records of these Angelic beings to the 10th century BCE. This is when their ‘Divine Purpose’ began within the Realm of the Earth. Since that time, these Archangels have been molding this Logos on behalf of the ONE creator.

And, according to the Angel Record of the Archangels, this Logos will end some time around 5400 CE.

All will be completed as the Archangels take us into the Light of the ONE!

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