The Angel Records show our family extending to the Moon, Mars and a moon of Saturn

As I first began to read the Angel Record of Archangels and Angels in this realm, I discovered incarnations outside of the Earth. I do not have the Angel Record of the first incarnation upon a new world, but I do have many subsequent incarnations of Archangels and Angels. From the Angel Record of each, I began to piece together the prophecy of our family extending to the Moon, Mars and even a moon of Saturn.

Within the Angel Record , around 2168 we will begin a Moon colony with the dream of exploration and colonization. This will be a grand experiment in the new societal focus of our ONE family. We will hope to usher in this new era by completing the colony by 2200. Two years ahead of schedule, the Moon will be the home to many for generations.

With the success of the renewed space exploration and the Moon colony, our next focus would be Mars. After landing on Mars around 2158, our family decides to extend itself again and begin a Mars colony. While never really finished, the first phase of the colony on Mars is completed around 2365.

By the time we settle into our colony on Mars, the rest of our solar system is within our reach. As the exploration continues, we look to the moons of Saturn for our next space colony. From approximately 2785 through 3120 our family builds a new successful colony far from our original home, the Earth.

This prophecy is found in the Angel Record of the Archangels and Angels. While I have only a small relative sampling of Angelic Beings within this realm, the overwhelming data shows these prophecies of space colonies to have merit.