Knowledge of the Heavens

Angelic Order

Knowledge of Heaven revealed through Angel Records

We all have more than one incarnation upon the Earth. In fact, everyone, including Archangels, will have had 7 incarnations on the Earth realm. Within our ANGEL RECORD is the birth date and location of each of our 7 incarnations.


These are our 7 Angelic Incarnations within the realm of Earth. Revealing past, present and/or future incarnations, a look into the ANGEL RECORD of Angels reveal knowledge and prophecy.



The Angelic Order of ALL Angels!

Every being in the Realm of the Earth have 7 incarnations in an ANGEL RECORD – past, present and future.  These 7 incarnations show our path through the realm of the Earth and our Karmic Intent.  Flying among us are also the Angelic Beings of the 7th Heaven along with the 7 Archangels of Earth. While mostly in spirit, these Higher Beings may also take a body for incarnation. The Archangels also have 7 incarnations just like everyone else!

We are all ANGELS of the ONE!

Discover the 'Angel Records' that hold the Prophecy

Angel Record Prophecy

Revelations from the Angel Record of Angels and Archangels